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“Everything used to be better in the past. At least, that is what people say. And it is of course not entirely true, but some things were: synthesizers, drum computers and power ballads and walkmans.”

Meet JUNCKER: the electro pop duo that spend their first three months of existence playing 24 shows in front of 22.000 people.

With appropriate melancholy the JUNCKER brothers look back to the 80’s, a time that radiates tranquility. An era without internet, smartphones or social media. A time when a single was pressed into vinyl and not just released for Spotify’s algorithms. 

“We miss the time when an album was meant to be listened to as a whole.”

In their home made time machine JUNCKER takes you to the eighties of today: melancholic electro-pop songs with an eighties sugar edge. Light-footedness and melancholy in one: an honest summary of life.

contact us: hello@junckermusic.com or find us on instagram